Pupils from St Patrick’s, Educate Together and Holmpatrick will be confirmed on 16th March 2017 11.00am

Pupils from Realt Na Mara and Milverton will be confirmed on 30th March 2017 11.00am
Blessing of the Graves
Holmpatrick – 11th June 2.30pm.
Baldungan – 11th June
Ardla – 18th June
Milverton 18th June
MARCH 18TH Saturday
APRIL 1st Saturday
MAY 6th Saturday
JUNE 3rd  Saturday
JUNE 17th Saturday
July 1st   Saturday
July 15th Saturday
August 5th    Saturday
August 19th  Saturday
September 2nd/16th  Saturday
October 7th/21st  Saturday
November 4/18th  Saturday
December 2nd  Saturday

APRIL Sunday, 2nd (7.30pm)
MAY Saturday, 6th (10.00am)
Realt na Mara
MAY Sunday, 14th (11.00am)
Educate Together/Holmpatrick Schools
MAY Saturday, 20th (11.00am)
St Patrick's Junior School
MAY Sunday, 28th (11.00am)
Peter's Passion
First Communion
First Confession
FEBRUARY Monday, 6th (7.30pm) Realt na Mara & Milverton
FEBRUARY Monday, 13th
(7.30pm) St Patrick's Junior School

MARCH Sunday, 5th (11.00am mass)

Confirmation Rituals

MARCH Sunday, 12th (11.00am mass)
APRIL Sunday, 2nd (11.00am mass)
JUNE Sunday, 11th (11.00am mass)

Do This In Memory Masses