Dates are subject to change.
*Please note dates have been changed.

Monday 19th February - 7.30pm.
Scoil Réalt na Mara agus Scoil Moibhí Milverton & Educate Together.

Monday 26th February - 7.30pm.
St Patrick's JNS.
First Penance
Monday 12th March - 7.30pm.
Scoil Realt na Mara agus Scoil Moibhí

Tuesday 20th March - 7.30pm
St Patrick's SNS
Service of Light
Baptism Meeting Dates:
12th February 2018
5th March 2018                
16th April 2018
30th April 2018
28th May 2018
11th June 2018
2nd July 2018
16th July 2018
13th August 2018
27th August 2018
10th Sept 2018
1st Oct 2018        
15th Oct 2018
22nd Oct 2018
12th Nov 2018
26th Nov 2018
10th Dec 2018


Thursday 15th March - 11.00am
Scoil Réalt na Mara agus Scoil Moibhí

Thursday 22nd March - 11.00am
St Patrick's SNS & Educate Together

Baptism Dates:
17th February 2018
10th  March 2018*
21st April 2018
5th May 2018
2nd June 2018
16th June 2018
7th July 2018
21st July 2018
18th August 2018
1st Sept 2018
15th Sept 2018
6th Oct 2018
20th Oct 2018
3rd November 2018
17th November 2018
1st December 2018
15th December 2018

Saturday 12th May - 10am.
Scoil Réalt na Mara

Sunday 13th May - 11am.
Educate Together

Saturday 19th May - 11am.
St Patrick's JNS

Sunday 27th May - 11am.
Scoil Moibhí

Peter's Passion
First Communion
First Confession

Sunday 14th January - Ritual 3
(11.00am mass)

Sunday 4th February - Ritual 4
(11.00am mass)
Sunday 4th March - Ritual 5
(11.00am mass)

Confirmation Rituals

Sunday 21st January
(11.00am mass)
Sunday 25th February
(11.00am mass)
Sunday 11th March
(11.00am mass)
Sunday 22nd April
(11.00am mass)
Sunday 3rd June
(11.00am mass)

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