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First Holy Communion

A most beautiful newly launched website devoted to
First Holy Communion.


This very special website is a valuable resource for children, their parents, teachers, pastors, grandparents, aunts, uncles......in fact it is a wonderful website for all of us.
Please take the time to visit!


RTE Radio Joins us in celebration.

Our parish was delighted to welcome the world of Radio to our
Ash Wednesday Mass. It was Celebrated by Fr Richard Hyland who was joined by the Adult choir. The live broadcast was transmitted on RTE Radio 1, Wednesday 1st March 2017.

Click HERE to listen to the broadcast.


The Parish of St Patrick's Catholic Church, Skerries,
believing in and inspired by Jesus Christ, is committed
to making our parish a place where each person feels
welcome, accepted and valued. Together we strive to
build up a dynamic, caring and Christian community that
is characterised by faith, mission, worship and service.

To listen to the needs of the parish community through
consultation and to involve the whole parish in response
to those needs.

To promote a welcoming and sharing culture within the
parish, with a special care towards the marginalised,
the young, new parishioners and people of different

To enable the baptised to understand their call as
Disciples of Christ.

To foster a vibrant sacramental, liturgical and prayerful
life within the parish community.

To marry the needs of the parish with the gifts and
resources of parishioners, and develop these gifts
through the provision of training.

To foster a commitment to social justice.

To ensure effective communication within the whole
parish and the wider community.

We invite you to take a little time to view our parish and community.
The Catholic Parish of St Patrick's, Skerries.

Skerries is a beautiful seaside town on the east coast of Ireland
north of Dublin. Our parish consists of about 4,000 homes and
over 16,000 people. Deanery: Fingal North.


The Parish values and encourages the participation of children and young people in Parish liturgies and in activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development.

The Parish also recognises the dignity and rights of all children
and is committed to their protection and support

Click to view our calendar of
parish events for the coming year.