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“Confirming Our Children” Parish Preparation Programme

From October, we will again be running our parish preparation programme for all children in our parish intending to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation next year.
This programme, “Confirming Our Children” is designed to
help all parents, guardians and the parish community to become more actively involved in the sacramental journey,
as our children prepare for Confirmation.

In addition to the preparation given to students in school,
it is important that they are also supported both in the home and in the parish. With this in mind, the “Confirming our Children” parish programme will involve a special focus on Confirmation at a number of the Saturday evening Masses over the coming months, and the Confirmation Classes will
be involved in a short Confirmation Ritual at these Masses.
It is also an important opportunity for all parishioners, as
the wider Christian family, to support and pray for our
children as they prepare to receive this special Sacrament.

Dates for Confirmation Programme Masses:

1. 6pm Saturday 10 November 2012
Ritual I: Fanning the Flame – A Gathering Ritual

2. 6pm Saturday 8 December 2012
Ritual II: Witnesses to the Spirit – A Ritual of Commitment

3. 6pm Saturday 19 January 2013
Ritual III: Affirming our Baptism – A Ritual of Blessing

4. 6pm Saturday 9 February 2013
Ritual IV: Called by Name

5. 6pm Saturday 2 March 2013
Ritual V: Blessed with Oil

For further information, please contact Mary Kirk,
Parish Pastoral Worker on (087) 366 7645 or

If you wish to book a wedding in our church, you should first contact
Fr Mullins on 01-8491250 at your earliest convenience and they will arrange a date and guide you through all procedures.

For further information, please see Communications and
Hospitality Committee.

Coffee mornings, after 10.00am mass on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, are organised by the Communications
and Hospitality Committee and are held in the hospitality/meeting area at the back of the church.