Our Funeral Team consists of a small group of trained people
who can support and guide you through this difficult time when
words can be very inadequate. You will be assisted in arranging
the funeral mass and other practical matters.

Dates for Do This In Memory Masses for 2015/2016
are as follows:

Sunday - 11th October: 11.00am

Sunday - 8th November: 11.00am

Sunday 6th December: 11.00am

Sunday - 10th January: 11.00am

Sunday - 7th February: 11.00am

Sunday - 6th March: 11.00am

Sunday - 17th April: 11.00am

Sunday - 29th May: 11.00am

For further information, contact Fr Richard on 01-8491250
or Fr Jim on 01-8494033.

Since the Do This In Memory programme began in Skerries
eight years ago, almost 1400 children and their parents have
used this programme to prepare for First Eucharist.

The programme is designed to identify four cornerstones
which lay the foundation for sound community-based
sacramental preparation.

1. The sacramental preparation of children is the
responsibility of the home, school and parish working
together in partnership.

2. The work of sacramental preparation begins long
before the First Eucharist celebration.

3 . The celebration of First Eucharist is a sacred and
important moment on a long journey of faith
development. Together with Baptism and Confirmation,
it opens the door to full membership of the Christian
community. It is not an end in itself.

4 . The sacramental preparation of our children must
always be seen as one element of the broader task of
whole-community catechesis.

The programme consists of an Enrolment Ceremony
for all children at the beginning of their 2nd class school
year following by a monthly mass until the date of their
First Eucharist.

For further information, contact Suzanne Kelly on
086-2654327 or email suzanne.kelly@headcount.ie

For further information, please contact Davidine Grimes
on 086-3114917.